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The true measure of a superhero comic is How Good Are its filler issues?  Iredeemable has been action action action since the very first issue.  Each chapter littered with Oh Shit moments that keep you turning the page.  This is the first issue where the gas is off for a bit, so you can look at the pretty flames, and sniff the fumes, and see if you want to continue.

I do.

The only thing I question about this issue is its timing.  This week BOOM! released the second trade paperback, which gets you perfectly up to date with this issue.  And that’s great.  But this is not  a good opening chapter to a trade.  This is some great downtime.  The only appearance of The Plutionian is through flashbacks, and while we get a hint at a possible new villain, it’s unclear which way the story will go.  Which is both excellent, and potentially dooming.

If the story arc follows where I’d like it to, then Waid has set up a beautiful scenario, unlike any I can remember in my decades of reading superhero comics.  If not, I’m still pleased to be along for the ride.

Krause’s art continues to improve, and I liked it from the get go.  The eyes in this issue are particularly attention grabbing.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I can’t wait to pick this up on payday!!

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