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This mini series was not meant for me. I never read “The Camelot Trilogy”, and I’m not a big Iron Man fan. But having enjoyed the Iron Man/Dr Doom tryst in Mighty Avengers recently, I was mildly excited to see what this was all about. That quickly withered just a couple pages in. It takes place “the day after tomorrow” and has Tony doing some spring cleaning, melting down old versions of his armor in the name of security from techno-theft. Scanning old helmet recordings from his armor, he comes across some footage that he doesn’t remember: an outer space encounter with Victor Von Doom. The rest of the issue stays in flashback mode, allowing us to stroll down memory lane with Tony as he recalls his missing adventure.

The writing is beyond heavy-handed and dripping with exposition, and is pretty tedious….so yeah, it reads like it was written in the 80’s, and it may have been. I’m not sure if this story was written years ago and is just now being published, or if it’s brand new, but either way, I found it difficult to get through. Also, I don’t miss Ron Lim’s pencil-work. I didn’t like it when it was new and I definitely don’t like it now.

I tried really hard to find something I enjoyed about this issue, but I really couldn’t. I’m sure that people who read the original story and have some nostalgia for it might just eat this up, but I found myself totally bored and somewhat aghast at the clunky writing.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 2 - Average


  1. This reads like an old script that they dusted off and tweaked a little to fit into modern continuity.  Wish they had used the old dot coloring method to match the retro feel but even having read the first two parts this was just kind of ‘meh.’

  2. I agree– this wasn’t very good.  I was barely able to finish the issue, and certainly won’t be picking up the next one of this series.

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