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  1. Great review —

    "Captain America" is actually a perfect counterexample to show how this title doesn’t matter.  When the decision was made to kill Steve Rogers, it was originally suggested that he should die in Civil War.  Brubaker nixed the idea, arguing persuasively that  an even that significant had to happen in the solo book.  Although Cap 25 is tangentially related to "Civil War" and new avengers, the main events happen in the solo book.

    When Tony Stark became director of SHIELD, we saw that for the first time in Civil War, which was basically an Avengers title.  If he gets fired from SHIELD, it’s going to be part of "Secret Invasion," which is basically an Avengers title; and dollars to donuts we’ll see it there first (same if he dies or is revealed to be a skrull).  Tony’s continuity is being driven by forces outside his solo title.  The chance of anything happening in this book being reflected in the larger Marvel U. is almost nil.

     Likewise, since it’s not being read as widely as "Mighty Avengers" or "Captain America" are — or as "Civil War" and "Illuminati" were — the popular perception of the character is going to come from those titles, not this one.  

    None of that is a slam against the book; it reads nicely as a self-contained story that fits into the gaps of continuity.  But even as an Iron Man fan, I basically see this book as an afterthought.  When I think of 616 -Tony Stark, I think of all of those other titles before I think about this one. 

  2. I’d disagree.  I think there’s still a chance that something big might happen here, though possibly not until the end of Secret Invasion.  Remember that the Extremis powers upgrade Tony got was in the solo title, and that’s affected his character a great deal.  Obviously in the middle of a major to-do crossover nothing major will happen to him in his own book, but that’s fairly standard for everyone’s solo books.

  3. The Extremis upgrade was written by Warren Ellis.

    Charles and Daniel Knauf = not Warren Ellis.  Again, I don’t mean any insult the solo title, I just don’t see it having any impact on continuity.  The fact that they’re launching a second solo title to coincide with the movie release seems to reinforce that. 

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