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If I ever decide to write comics, and rise to the level where I can start requesting artists to work with, Ryan Ottley would be in my top three.  Kirkman jokes in the letter pages about having bought up all of the original pages.  I think that would be a solid investment.

Oh, and that Kirkman guy is pretty nifty, too.

Also in the letter column (seriously, read these letter columns, they’re great), a drunken e-mail points out how Kirkman puts very little gore in his zombie book (The Walking Dead, for those who have never visited a comic book store or webpage before), but Invincible, which started out so bright and almost kid-friendly is now one of the goriest superhero comics on the stands.  But it’s drawn so well, and it’s so much more fun looking than, say the sort of gore in an Avatar book.  The last page of this book: brutal, but gorgeous.

And since Kirkman brought color and aliens into The Walking Dead at issue 75 of that series, I’m really hoping that the next issue of Invincible will feature some black and white zombies. 

Story: 5 - Excellent
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  1. Always fun to read your early reviews Akamuu, however are you putting in spoilers for a different book? Particularly as it is a book that so many read in trades (me included)?

  2. Jaredan: It’s not so much of a spoiler.  I’m not entirely sure the event that I’m talking about will be in the trade, and it is, I promise, not part of the continuity of the story.  The event that I’m talking about is a letter column joke that Kirkman did.  I would love to see him do something similar in this title.

  3. Glad to see that this book is still great.

    I read this in hardcover. I have the first issue for this arc . . . (unread). I might have to see if I can find the issues so I can start reading this monthly.

  4. @akamuu – you should personally write a letter to the invincible letter pages requesting that Kirkman use that idea of having black and white pages of zombies in an issue of Invincible.  Or better yet,  many of us ifanboy community should do that.  It’s really a great idea.

  5. This was the best book this week by far. Great review.

  6. Not only is it explicitly violent, but this book has an alien/human semi-sex scene!  It’s almost been a motif of this book, inter-species coupling or matig, as Invincible himself is a hybrid mix between an alien and human, as is his brother, whose mother was like an insectoid type alien, even further removed from anything resembling a human; that was a peculiar mix to say the least.

  7. @Scorpion: I read the first six books in trades, and they were great, but I really emjoy Kirkman’s issue to issue pacing for this series.  Whereas The Walking Dead I prefer to read in trade.

    @jwaesch: It’s too late to influence issue 75, it comes out in about three weeks.  I wouldn’t put it past Kirkman to already have that idea, though.  If it doesn’t make issue 75, maybe we can campaign for issue 100.

    @AmirCat: Thanks.

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