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  1. I felt very much the same way that you did about this.  I was extremely annoyed that we’ve had to wait extra time for the issue to come out, and then to have 3 pages dedicated not to advancing the story line at all, but rather to half-page spreads of other Image books I should be buying was extremely obnoxious.  I spent $3 for THIS book, I want THIS story line advanced.  I’m just getting bothered that Kirkman seems to be so eagerly building towards big happenings in issue #50, but is just plodding through seemingly inane crap to get to that point rather than building any real tension.  It seems obvious that the next big story point is going to be Allen and Omni-Man fighting to freedom, and some sort of reunification with Invincible, but I’m getting extremely sick of that story being advanced by a few panels every couple of issues.  This sort of teasing doesn’t work in comics as far as I’m concerned because the wait between issues is to long.  And that’s if the book were released monthly, but with issues coming out at best every couple of months it’s extremely bothersome to be teased after waiting this long.

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