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Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Horacio Domingues

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

What you need to know:The
super-villains of the world are galvanizing in the wake of Plutonian’s
rampage on earth. Only one man can stop them. Formerly one of their
own, Max Damage turns up the heat against his one-time criminal
colleagues, and teaches them what it means to be INCORRUPTIBLE!

World creation:
Mark Waid has created a solid, realistic(as far as superheroes go)post
apocalyptic world. When I read this book, I always think, yeah if this
were real that probably would happened. Characters make logical
decisions based on their surroundings. Not to mention that so much of
this world plays off the beats in its sister book Irredeemable. I’m
yearning for a crossover at some point.

Alana Patel:
Alana Patel is the former girlfriend of the Plutonian, who helped push
him over the edge by revealing his secret identity. Alana has been
captured by a group of white supremacist that believe that Plutonian has
spared them because he thinks them they are the master race. The guilt
that Alana feels is palpable and her reaction to seeing Max Damage use
his powers is spot on. She’s a very non stereotypical woman in a story
that could easily turn her into cannon fodder.

So many times when I write a review, the writer has tried to cram too
many plots into one book, for one reason or another it doesn’t work.
This isn’t mark Waid’s problem, in fact he thrives when he has several
plot threads working at the same time.

What you won’t

I’ve got to say I’m more than a little disappointed with the art. The
facial expressions and thus the character acting is very weak. Too often
background characters aren’t filled in properly as a shortcut. It
wasn’t awful, it was serviceable, but mediocre at best.

Bottom Line: You should be reading this book. In eleven issues it’s yet to disappoint.

Grade: B

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average

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