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I just realized I have a brand new comic pet peeve.  Extended “morse code” conversations.  For one, if you’re going to have a conversation by tapping on opposite sides of a prison wall, and if you’re going to have it take up the better part of three pages with many, many speech boxes therein, that conversation is going to take hours.  And you’re probably not going to be inclined to use full, flourishing sentences with proper grammar and clauses.  And we’re not even going to talk about the ridiculousness of the morse code in the stadium.  But enough about that.  Let’s talk about the art.  …What the hell was up with the art?  What the hell is that thing on the punching “a lot” page?  Marvel, are you sure that there where as many pencilers and inkers as the credits say working together on this book?  Were they all scribbling over each other at the same time, or something?  Even the cleaner pages are problematic.  Davos looks nothing like Davos, for instance.  Ever since the writing reigns were passed along, this book had been passable despite the ugly, ugly art.  Now, with the writing being so overbearing and the ideas presented being so stupid, this issue had nothing to stand on.  I don’t want to hate this book, but this was not a good issue in any way.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. I respectfully disagree.  I gave the issue a 5– I thought it was one of the strongest issues since Fraction left the book. 

  2. I disagree was well, I loved this issue

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