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Avg Rating: 4.7
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Story by Kel Symons
Art by Mark A. Robib
Cover by Mark A. Robinson

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

why aren’t more people reading this/ the story is clever, fun and easy to follow. The art is funky (in a good way) and beautiful. The only issue is sometimes it’s hard to follow visually. That doesn’t hurt just means I normally read through it twice.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Great to hear this, I have issue 1 in the post. Hopefully i enjoy it and get up to date! Love the look of the art, really something different.

  2. Well, here’s a few problems with I Love Trouble.

    1) The logo looks like something borrowed from a bad tv sitcom from the 1970’s. 2) The artwork on the inside front cover is always far, far more interesting than the boring panel the creators decided to put on the cover itself. That alone really makes me wonder if these guys know what they are doing. 3) I like the look and dynamics of the artwork, but because the story itself came to a crashing halt in #3, it came across like a series of storyboards from a couple of guys who are secretly hoping they can roll their comic into a tv or movie deal. 4) The story, which came to a halt in #3, was just a lot of exposition that I’ve seen and heard a million times before. There was hardly a page or panel of originality anywhere to be seen.

    I’m dropping this book from my pull list. I was impressed and curious after issue #1, but now I have doubts this is going anywhere interesting or original.

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