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Huntress seeks revenge on those who have killed her family but feels conflicted about it.

opening scene is a brutal and thrilling fight sequence! It concludes on
a harsh emotional note that eventually impels a reluctant Helena to go to Gotham but not before she meets her match in a highly effective
assassin. Ivory also treats us to an
entertaining encounter with a key member of the bat-family. The rest of
the book is peppered with other bat-character cameos sure to please the
fans. These are handled adeptly and with obvious respect. For instance,
Selina Kyle appears briefly; flirting with a man who will no doubt be
parting with his jewelry by evening’s end, victim of everyone’s
favorite cat burglar. Also impressive is Ivory’s usage of religious
imagery, not only as a motif but also as an effective way of
highlighting the Huntress’ contradicting characteristics and
fluctuating emotional state.

Cliff Richards (pencils) delivers
a more consistent look to his characters and continues to shine when
the scenes call for close-ups of facial expressions. The range of
subtle emotions this talented artist draws is nothing short of
excellence! Norm Rapmund replaces Thibert on inks and he seems to not
favor the large pools of shadow as much as Thibert did but it doesn’t
disrupt the flow of the art. The colors (Jason Wright) continue to be
one of the best features of the book for me. Cinematic in tone, they
evoke a strong sense of atmosphere and pull you right in to the setting
of the scenes.

This mini keeps getting better and better as
Ivory Madison sinks her teeth in deeper into the meat of the story. She
is writing a classic superhero origin, wrapped in mafia noir, laced
with action-adventure and flavored with her own exciting and
entertaining spin. Don’t miss out on the best surprise of 2008! Buy
this book!

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Nice review! I agree this is the best surprise book of the year. Every issue it’s good, it keeps surprising me … but I guess I should see by now — the quality isn’t gonna dip.

    For someone that’s never written comics, this writer sure seems to have a good handle on Huntress’ character. She’s got the perfect balance of bad-ass & conflicted feelings about what she’s doing down pat. I love the religious & mafia angles in the book too, it’s a nice mix.

    This series has made me like Helena more than before, and I was already a fan. I wouldn’t wanna be her enemy!

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