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Well, Milligan has put his mark on John with this issue.

There’s a lot
of slimey disgusting things that I wouldn’t think were beyond his doing
to save his skin or that of someone in a bind, but I never would have
thought that John would have used magic as a roofie.

I’ve always felt
that fall the stuff he does, Constantine was at least doing it for some
sort of good, and this issue kind of goes against that. This issue was
John doing a bastardly thing because he’s lonely and that’s just

There was the side story with the bastard shape changer in
the school, and that had some my favorite panel of the week when she
told the school teacher to fuck off. Something about that really worked
well in my opinion, but that was ancillary to what might happen next

 I’ll hold off on judgement until I see next issue, but I hope
that John’s weak barely used conscious kicks in at least a little bit.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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