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What a cruddy issue. The only saving grace is the Azzerelo and Grampa story. John Constantine is hired to exorcise the Chicago Cubs of their famous curse which has kept them out of World Series contention since nineteen dickity doo. Grampa’s art is pretty, airy, light,  and evocative. Even when Grampa draws a decrepit bar fly barfing into his hat, in a dingy basement bar, with smoke hanging in the air with the smell of sour beer, it’s still a fun romp. Azzerelo’s rhyming, lyrical script is a classic Hellblazer tale and almost makes it buying, and I do mean almost. The rest is crap. Not worth your time, easyily pumped out, pap. Given the task to write a meaningful John Constantine tale in 2-4 pages is nearly impossible. Part of what the great Hellblazer stories of the past had, to help them be great is, scope and scale. Having pages and pages for setting and set up allow the story to have depth and importance and not giving these stories the space to explor their ideas is a disservice to the reader. Crap, crappy crap crap.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average


  1. i cut my teeth on hellblazer during the tail end if BAZZ’s run, and to see him write ole john again would make it worth  it, and to see some sean phillip’s art work is always a plus.

  2. For me, the Azz thing was the worst thing in the issue:


  3. @Mart    At least it was inventive in that it ryhmed. Not like the first story where the twist is he jumps on a boat, as a short cut, cause he can’t run as fast as csazy old man. Cheap, hackneyed, ka-ka, wee of the higest order.

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