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  1. That last panel with him snorting is fucking unbelievable.  Who knew he was going to do that?  But that’s why you have to love the book.  My only real gripe is that the book was very obtuse about what John is preparing for.  I mean, I get Mako’s in the mix, but it doesn’t seem as if he’s actively pursuing John, and his ties to the businessman escape my memory.  It’s Diggle though, so it will definitely pay off.

  2. Only a 3 for the art?  Damn.  

    Careful though.  The page where he shoots the jingle isn’t the last panel.  I thought it was for a minute, but there’s still one more page.  Just bringing it up just in case you skipped it.

    My pick of the week.   

  3. @PaulMontgomery  DAMN.  I did miss the last page!  Okay, got it now.  😀

    Yeah, the art?  It’s not to my taste.  I understand many people really like it, but I don’t personally care for the kind of scribbly inking.  But I read comics for the character moments, not so much the art — definitely my pick of the week, based on that.

  4. I’m w resolute, I didn’t pick this up due to the art. But I thik I may give it a chance and buy it tomorrow. I miss hellblazer.

  5. I agree with Paul, I think the art in the book is not only amazing, but perfect for setting the mood of the book.  Definately my pick this week.

  6. Manco’s art on this book is fantastic. What’s not to like about it?  It’s visually appealing and totally fits the feel of the book.


    Imagine what he’ll do with Simon Oliver’s twisted and disgusting ideas!

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