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i’ll start by saying, i’m new to this title. i started with this arc on issue one and now, after the third issue, i couldn’t love this book any more than i do. let me start with B Clay Moore. this dude can write. he just tells a story without trying to hard. he’s not trying to show us how clever he is. (at least it doesn’t feel like it) he just writes a good story. it’s funny, suspenseful, and a at times, with no trace of sappyness, touching. can’t say enough about it. Mr. Moore will be getting my money from now on.

which brings us to the art. Steve Griffin is on fire! never has a colorist been so important to a book. (maybe Dave Stuart to Hellboy) its a digital watercolor style with just enough dark shadows at times to give it a real noir feel without taking away from the tropical feel of the book. Scott Chandler on art is solid as well. i didn’t read the first two arcs until after i read the first two issues of this arc so the change in artist was never a problem and, from the looks of things, Steve G. could never get an issue out on time so it’s probably for the best. Scott C. has a similar look with cleaner lines.

all in all this is, for me, a perfect book. the put the time and effort into all three aspects of a good book, writing, art, and production, always giving you your three bucks worth. can’t ask for more than that.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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