Review by: BatStewie

Size: pages
Price: 5.99

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Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Is it really worth 6$?? I mean, the art doesn’t look that great…does the story really compensate? Man, I’m really torn here. I really want to pick this up and at the same time I don’t. 9 issue at 6$ each, man…6×9…thats 54$!!  Rahrfg.

  2. @tittom – they are double sized issues and bi-monthly, so instead of $2.99 every month, you pay $5.99 every 2 months. works out the same as if it were a regular monthly $2.99 comic.


    @BatStewie – i disagree about the art. I really like the style and I think the ‘sloppiness’ adds to the atmosphere of the book. 

  3. @ deadspace – I really wanted to like the art… and I did like it to a degree. The frantic brushwork did lend itself to the story, but I just felt it was inconsistent. Some pages and panels were wonderfully loose, and others just looked loose. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some expressive ink, I just wish that from page to page and panel to panel it held together. For example, compare page 28 to page 52. Page 28 looks a little lazy to me. 

  4. I picked it up, finally. Didn’t read it yet so. Yup, looks good. Really good actually. – Yeah it bimonthly, but isn’t the next issue going to be 3.99, I read that somewhere, Newrama I think..or is it a mistake. I hope its a mistake…because if this turns good as all you seem to say, and it continues to be good…man, its like a 18 issues war epic, ad-free. Nice!

  5. @deadspace – I took another look and I’m coming around to your point of view on the art.. it fits the story well. .and some of the splashes (cover/inside front/back cover) are REALLY nice. 

    So ready…. this isn’t easy….   here it goes….


    whew. That wasn’t so bad. 


  6. This was really good. And the art was good too, its something you gotta learn to love, but I’m doing great, so.

  7. lol, i think the style probably can look lazy, like it was just scribbled quickly, but i don’t think it was. i do think it creates quite a cool feel to the book. a messy, chaotic kind of feel that fits well with war… and monkeys in war! lol

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