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When I picture Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning sitting down to write their comics, I envision them sitting in a room with a big pile of awesome next to them.  As they write, they grind some of it up and sprinkle it onto the pages that they write.  As usual, this dynamic duo continues to impress me with their vision of the Marvel cosmic universe.  Paging through this issue, I was drawn in by just how much fun this comic is.  The dialogue is snappy and tight, the action is great, and the stories flow naturally together.  Never do I find the story threads to be jarring in any way, and I’m constantly intrigued by where the writers will take the team next.  I’m definitely interested to see how the current storyline plays out.  It’s not that I’m afraid the bad guys are going to win, but I’m more drawn in to the story of the team and where they’re going from here.  I have to say that the last page in the comic is awesome and seals Rocket Racoon as one of the most awesomest characters in the Marvel Universe.

I was a bit bummed to see that this issue didn’t feature the fantastic pencils of Pelletier, but I figure he’s probably a bit busy drawing the “War of Kings” mini.  The art in this issue is a mixed bag.  While I enjoyed some panels, others just fell flat for me.  The coloring also seemed a bit flat to me and missed some of the punch that the series has had before.  At least the art team was able to nail the final page, as I laughed histerically when it graced my eyes.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I really enjoyed the motley group of C-list villains in prison 42. I have to admit that I didn’t recognize most of them, but the skill of Abnett and Lanning is that I really don’t care.

  2. It is great to see a book about a team that still manages to have an individual plot line for almost every character. Abnett and Lanning are weaving a tale about this cosmic team while also contributing to each member’s personal history. One of the best books Marvel is publishing.

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