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Variant cover by JOSHUA MIDDLETON

Size: 32 pages
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Green Arrow is winding down to the upcoming September relaunch but not before finishing up Oliver’s hunt for a maniacal cult leader known as Reverend Miggs. This issue slows the pace just a tad but does an adequate job setting up next issue’s conclusion.

Writer James Patrick starts the story off with a bang but refrains from making this a wall-to-wall action book. Oliver and Donovan have some nice scenes together as they try and track down Miggs. Oliver also gets some help from Batman (Bruce Wayne) by ways of weapons tech but more importantly sound advice. My one gripe with the story is that we’ve seen the crazed religious leader thing more than once. Patrick also seems to relay his own form of Christian stereotyping through some of the book’s dialogue. Not sure if it’s his personal bias or lazy writing.

Agustin Padilla’s art is very strong and he draws action sequences with a crisp cinematic flare. I love how he draws Ollie and his panel layout is solid. One thing that stood out was that hardly any of his characters speak with an open mouth. For example, Donovan, who has a lot of dialogue, has the same closed mouth expression throughout the issue. It doesn’t ruin the quality of the art but it did stand out to me.

I enjoyed this issue and while it did have a few flaws it still managed to progress the story and set up the finale. The religious angle and stereotyping does nothing for me but the great art and wonderful characters make this a fun read.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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