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Ugh.  Three bad Christmas stories by Paul Dini.  The best Batman writer of my lifetime is seriously slipping lately.  All of these characters are creased into two-dimensional archetypes to move the stories along.  There’s no texture, no actual character development, nothing that made Dini’s run on Detective as excellent as it was.

Also, I’d like to visit the Lopez home, and see if their family has mouths that take up over 50% of their face because all the characters in this book seem to.  And while that’s cute when it’s a character from Teen Titans Go! getting excited, it’s out of synch with this particular story. 

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Plus Catwoman looks like a boy with short hair.  I can’t stand this artist anymore.  I might drop this title JUST cuz of him…  maybe.

  2. I’m with you robby.

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