GOON #34

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Eric Powell, Dave Stewart

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Over two years ago, I read issue #32 of the title on a whim, and enjoyed it so much I asked my store clerk to hold future issues for me. Over two years later, I’ve gotten my second issue of the title and I love it as much as I ever did. It’s a comic book and it’s really fucking funny. You would think more comic books would be really fucking funny, but you would be wrong. Despite what the cover may lead you to believe, this book (unlike others) doesn’t rely on popular memes and pop cultures references to make you laugh. Creator Eric Powell understood cartooning better than maybe any comic creator. He knows the art has to contribute to the humor as much as the writing does. And instead of making the book witty, he goes for the most lowbrow humor he possibly can. It’s like watching a Orson Welles movie, if all Orson wanted to do was make mean spirited jokes about shitting and eye-gouging. And I absolutely love every page of it. This book is going to stand the test of time better than any of the ones I’ve read today.

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