GOON #30

Review by: OddsBodkins

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For all those still lamenting the loss of Darwyn Cooke on The Spirit, allow me to introduce you to Dark Horse’s Goon.  Sometimes goofy, sometimes dark, always entertaining, The Goon has completely filled the void left by The Spirit in my house.  Now that I have you, try and go back about 8-10 issues when this title, mostly known for being silly, took a turn towards the dramatic and dark.  It still clings onto it’s whimsy, especially present with its terrific art, but we are currently discovering new depths and darker corners in The Goon’s world. 

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. You know I’ve never thought of this book as a Darwyn Cooke’s Spirit replacemant.  Mostly because I was reading this long before that 12 issue run. Non the less I see what you mean.  Nice review.

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