FLASH #238

Review by: Ilash

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

While I didn’t hate Waid’s arc nearly as much as others seem to, I do think that it paled in comparison to his previous work with the title. The main problem was that while I liked Wally’s kids, they were far too much the focus of the book. The good news then is that new writer Tom Peyer has restored the focus back to the titular character and the improvement is immediately noticeable.

While the Flash may still have some way to go before it reaches the heights of some of theĀ  book’s previous runs, Peyer has definitely taken a step in the right direction. The focus on the challenges that Wally faces as a new parent brings a whole new perspective to a very well established and defined character. I can even forgive his acting somewhat out of character in this issue as he is forced to deal with the reality that he doesn’t really have any money to support his kids with because it does pretty much fit within this new context.

I also quite enjoyed the new villain that Peyer introduced in this issue. Spin may have a fairly silly name but his powers are interesting and while he hasn’t quite been set up as a serious threat yet, he could conceivably be a fairly difficult adversary for Wally to beat.

Still, for all of its improvements, the Flash isn’t quite there yet. The art by Freddie Williams III is solid but I’m still not thrilled by the way he draws Wally in costume. On the writing front, the potential is there but I don’t think that Peyer has quite come to grips with Wally as a character yet and the story in general hasn’t managed to rise above “pretty good” yet.

Here’s hoping that Tom Peyer will ultimately deliver on the potential that this issue displayed and return, what is in my mind, DC’s greatest superhero to the level that he deserves.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I agree that this book was a slight improvement over the previous arc.  And, I think I’m with you in not hating Waid’s arc nearly as much as some others— I thought it was simply mediocre, not something for which Waid should be banned from comics (as others seem to portray it).

    I did enjoy Wally’s having to deal with money troubles.  And, I don’t necessarily mind his having kids– I have 3 of my own, so there are things I can relate to there.  Now, I do NOT really want to see the kids with super powers, or adventuring with him– and therefore didn’t like the last few issues when they turned into "The Incredibles."

    One thing I do disagree with you on– the villain in this issue.  I found the guy exceedingly lame.

    Overall, I still worry that one of my favorite heroes is mired in an extended period of mediocrity with his solo title, and I wonder when it will get straightened out.  Maybe Barry Allen returns later this year… or maybe Judd Winick shows such a great handle with Wally on the Titans that he winds up writing (and righting) the solo title.

  2. I’m with you mostly as far as your first two paragraphs go but I still think the villain is pretty solid in terms of concept but he doesn’t have much of a personality yet. I completely disagree with your last points though. Judd Winick may be a decent fit for this (though Titans looks AWFUL based on the previews) but I can’t really see him being any better suited for the book than Tom Peyer is. And returning Barry Allen would solve nothing. The whole reason the Flash is such a mess is because of the emphasis on inane "things will never be the same again" events rather than the story itself. Wally and family SHOULDN’T have vanished during Infinite Crisis just to live up to a tradition that had precisely ONE precedent. Bart shouldn’t have been watered down and turned into Kid Flash then the Flash, leaving death as theonly available way to salvage the character. I say give Peyer a chance to do something with the new status before screwing around with these characters yet again.

    I do think that the art possibly needs to be addressed more than the writing. I like what I’ve seen of Freddie Williams’ art elsewhere but his art is too blocky and too puffy for this book. The Flash needs an artist with a much more sleek style (see Karl Kerschl or Cliff Chiang).  

  3. Yeah, I didn’t mention the art– I agree with you on that one… I don’t really like Williams on art here.  I lover Kerschl and Chiang, and would love either of them on this book…

  4. This whole issue felt a little dated to me — with the Flash trying to outsmart the latest villain-du-jour and a rather silly cliff-hanger for an ending.  Perhaps that is the feel that Peyer is going for, and perhaps it will appeal to the readership better.  Personally, its not really my thing – although I did appreciate the appearance of Jay Garrick.  Alas DC heroes are my Crack and I will continue to buy the book despite less-than-great storytelling.

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