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Story by David Lapham
Art & Cover by Gabriel Andrade

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

The classic monster werewolf has taken a beating in recent years. Hollywood has removed any sense of fear associated with werewolves by making them comical (Teen Wolf), teen heartthrobs (Twilight), or just plain lame (2010’s The Wolfman), which typically makes them the subject much of critical scorn. Thankfully Avatar Press has stepped up to the plate to give readers a story where the werewolves haven’t been castrated in their new series Ferals.

Writer David Lapham has been on a roll with his twisted tales at Avatar Press. His 6-issue run on Crossed: Family Values and Crossed: Psychopath pushed boundaries to the point where they should have been sold with a bottle of holy water to help cleanse readers sins after reading. Writer David Lapham (Stray Bullets, DeadpoolMAX) has taken a back to basics approach to Ferals and given readers a reason to fear werewolves.

The story revolves around Officer Dale Chesnutt, a small town lawman stuck investigating the brutal slaughter of his best friend. During his investigation everyone around Chesnutt begins to turn up dead, including the woman he had a sweaty sexual encounter with the night before. Pulled in for questioning, Chesnutt is attacked in jail by a werewolf who proceeds to brutally slaughter the entire police force. Escaping by the skin of his teeth, Dale’s body begins a transformation after the attack as his hands begin to morph into werewolf like claws.

Newcomer Gabriel Andrade (Lady Death, Die Hard: Year One) handles the art and turns out some of the best pages to come out of an Avatar book since Jacen Burrows became the company’s star player. His style is simplistic with emphases on great storytelling and compelling layouts that pull readers in. Any horror junkies that are hungry for gore will love Andrade’s breathtaking panels of disemboweled bodies as the man definitely doesn’t spare any of bloodshed in his action sequences.

Ferals is a dark and twisted werewolf story that has quickly risen to the cream of the horror crop month in and month out. Lapham and Andrade deserve a real standing ovation for taking a classic horror movie monster and making him scary once again.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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