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When I first started reading comics when I was kid, I never thought in my life that one of my favorite characters in comics would be a foul mouthed, drunk Texan that put his boot into alien ass for a living.  I would have laughed at the thought, thinking about how I would never let my leotard clad superheros be surpassed by what most would consider a dumb hick.  Oh Rick Remender, how you’ve proved me wrong!

The latest F.E.A.R. Agent trade drives in three grand slams with just one swing.  What Remender has managed to do with this series is nothing short of remarkable as this third trade finally pulls the curtain back on the history of our lovable Texan.  To know now, to understand where Heath Huston comes from helps the reader connect themselves that much more into this world.  It’s finally made clear just what happened between Huston and his wife and just why it is that he has to drink so much whiskey. 

When I was reading this book, I was remined very much of the Walking Dead.  It’s a tale that focuses on the surviving humans of a horrible alien war, and what happens when the human spirit is challenged.  Like the Walking Dead, a rag tag group of humans get together to fight their fates.  Instead of placing the narrative into the emotional side of tragedy and the toll it takes on the characters (ala Walking Dead), Remender instead focuses on keeping the action at a lightning place and reminding us that this book, above all, is about a shit-kickin’ Texan who kills aliens.

There’s not much I could say about Tony Moore’s work that hasn’t been said already.  He just draws wonderfully and his artistic sensibilities just create magic in every panel.  Every piece of this book is well drawn and the action is dynamic and engrossing.

I loved the story in this book as it painted a tapestry that drew me even further into this world.  To say that I can’t wait for the next trade is an understatement;  I want it right now!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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