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  1. If you are paying $4 for it, someone is cheating you. I think the point is that once Reed joins the council of Reeds they will apply their solutions to his home dimension, i.e. food for everyone and Doom in a collar. One can assumes Sue will find out what he has been up to then (assuming the Celestials don’t kill them all). I find it harder to swallow that he is all on board for the Doom lobotomizing, especially after the rather disastrous consequences of the Civil War ends justifying means, but I am still loving this.

  2. Well, he saves billions of people, so I think he feels he’s solved a fair bit. I thought this was great storytelling and while I would have loved to see Millar stay on board a little longer, the ambition and scope displayed in this story has me excited about Hickman’s run.

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