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If nothing else, this is a very pretty book. I really don’t think that
Hitch has missed too many steps taking the realism down a notch. The
landscape of Latveria was still amazing in this issue and I loved the
Watcher Autopsy. Who knew they didn’t have genitals. As for the story,
I didn’t like how they handled getting rid of Ben’s fiancee, as it just
felt cheap. The Doom stuff was very good, and actually pretty
impressive. I know Millar is probably getting raked over the coals
right now, but I think he understood the impact that having Doom kneel
would have and handled it correctly and still had the trademarked Doom
arrogance. I really enjoyed the “I wish the applauding to go on for an
hour” as it is something that really fits the character well.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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