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When they revealed who the bad guy was that has been terrorizing New York it first made me very worried that this was too weird for even a comic book, but because he is well… Brian K. Vaughan, he actually made me not only interested, but very excited about where he is taking this book in its final stretch. From the begining of this series I enjoyed more of the political aspect than the superhero aspect of Mayor Hundred, he could of lost his powers and its likely that I would enjoy the book even more. But now for the first time I could care less about medicinal marijuana or freedom of speech, I want the Great Machine to shoot people in the face with a ray gun! Tony Harris also deserves alot of credit, I never really liked his photo realistic style when Hundred was being a Mayor but when he puts on the costume (the new one is way more badass) I think his style really shines with the dark color pallete mixed in with lights of New York and the ray guns. Its sad to see this book end soon but I know the ending wont dissappoint if its anything close to this issue.

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  1. He’s entering pulp territory.

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