Review by: Kzinti
Writer: David Lapham & Christopher Taylor
Artist: Rafa Garres & David Lapham
Cover Artist: Jim Pavelec

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

Pick up this book on whim while getting my normal pulls this week. I had not originally had this on my pull list, but remembering all the ghost story comics I used ot read when I was a young child, many many ages ago, I thought it would be neat to see if this book could bring back some of those childhoood memories.

I must say that I was pleasently suprised by this book. Being a huge fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories growing up and still have love for them, the stories really did not suprise me but were very entertaining and would find that a new reader or person to Sci-Fi would find them great. Not to say that the stories were not good, but I could predict the storyline most of the time, but that is just me.

Four stories in all, three in Black and White and one in color. All very well done and even though I could predict the storyline or outcome, I am looking forward to the second issue of this book. Just never know I might get a suprise in the storyline.

Good book, pick it up if you like the Sci-Fi/Horror stuff.

Though as a semi spoiler, cover artwork is not in any of the stories in the book, but cool cover by itself.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Pretty low rating for something you recommend I buy…

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