Review by: Ryn
Written by John Rogers and Alex Irvine
Art by Andrea DiVito and Peter Bergting
Covers by Paul Renaud and Wayne Reynolds

Size: 24 pages
Price: 1.00

I’ll start by saying right off the bat that the companion story int his, the “Dark Sun” story is not worth your time, so I’m basing my review entirely on the first story, which is the introduction to IDW’s new D&D ongoing series. It was actually a really good introduction, the action pieces were well done, and they managed to build up unique and convincing characters in just a few short pages. I had no intention of picking up the ongoing series, I bought this because it was a light week and this was a dollar, but it was good enough for me to rethink my decision, I’ll probably be picking this up, if you like fantasy stories, I’d say try out this issue, worst thing that can happen is that you lost a dollar, but I bet you’ll enjoy it.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good

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