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As somebody who has been reading comic books for almost thirty years, it is rare indeed that I experience something new while reading a book. Yet, that is exactly what happened while reading issue #1 of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. In a unique method of adaptation, every word of Philip K. Dick’s original novel is being used. Boom! Studios has gone so far as to include the “He said” type comments after word balloons. I had heard this was going to be the method employed, but was wary as to how it would play out on the comics page. Well, it turns out that it works, and works very well. Some people had complained they were going to be paying $4 for the artwork, as the text was nothing new. I think that is kind of narrow minded thinking, as the $4 you are spending is getting you a rich comic experience. This is not a book you will breeze through in five minutes. Reading this title takes time and it is time well spent. The original novel is excellent, so the story of the comic, being word for word exactly the same, is also excellent. The artwork by Tony parker is strong, bringing to life the world described by Dick. Add to that the “Backmatter” by Warren Ellis, with the comics king of sci-fi giving his thoughts on both the novel and Dick himself, and you have one of the best comics values for your dollars out there. For the originality of the premise and it’s terrific execution, this is easily my Pick of the Week.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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