DMZ #34

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Lady’s and gentlemen from the headlines of the very near future i give you DMZ # 34.

First let me set the stage.
I live in Denver, Co where this week the Democratic national Convention is being held. i am living in a city of police and protesters, political giants and talking heads. My city has gone insane for a week, a fact i really love, as it’s been a mostly peaceful type of insane.

So this week a comic book comes out, issue 6 of 6 in a story about an election. the election by the way of non white charismatic leader, one who brings with him hope of change. In this issue there is an election, one that is violent and oppressive and scary. the kind you would only accept as normal in a war zone, because in a war zone, nothing is normal.

Then the speech comes, and for the first time ever this book makes you want to cheer and have hope. This is a stark contrast to the past story lines which always have a pessimistic ending at best,  this book ends with the first ray of light that things might get better in the DMZ, as well as the first bit of real change in the story. It’s nice to see the story move forward, i wasn’t sure how long i could stay on for story after story of a war in which things were so hopeless, and in which every outcome was depressing. Now that it has moved towards what could eventually be the seeds of a resolution, i feel like the book is moving towards something, maybe not an ending, but at least a chance for things to get better.

( military helicopters just flew over my house. The DNC folks.)

Tomorrow Obama will give what i can only guess will be a historic speech in my home town. One that promises to be about change and hope and fearlessness and whatever else. How did Brian wood know all these months ago that this story would come out on the day it did? Was he just hoping it would turn out this way and got lucky? is it pure chance?

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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