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Written by TONY S. DANIEL
Backup story art by SZYMON KUDRANSKI
Variant cover by TONY S. DANIEL

Size: 40 pages
Price: 3.99

I want to like Detective Comics, I really do. It’s the flagship Batman title and based on pure history alone it should be of the highest quality. Sadly, though, I can’t will this story to get better and that’s a real shame.

Detective Comics has been all over the place since the reboot. There has been no resolution to the Dollmaker/Joker’s face story and it isn’t even subtly referenced anymore. Though the art is very well done, the story is just boring and routine. There is nothing interesting about it at all. This issue’s ending doesn’t even make it feel like part of a series.

Please, D.C., breathe new life into Detective Comics soon. This isn’t a title that deserves to only be “average.”

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I too am very anxious about any kind of reference to what happened to Joker. It’s as if Tony Daniel has forgotten that it ever happened.

    • Or he thinks he can drag the story on forever, because we as fans will buy as many issues as it takes to find out what happened. How wrong he is…

  2. The joker’s face has recently turned up in Suicide Squad,
    But this has got to be the worst of the Bat-titles, arts great
    but Tony Daniels’ writing just seems to be getting worse, just
    get Batman, Batman & Robin & wait for Batman Incorporated
    out In may!

    • I’m enjoying Suicide Squad, it’s pretty much no holds barred action with really no reasoning. I guess that’s what happens when criminals try to be superheroes haha….and I dropped Detective Comics in issue #6…I was gonna wait for the reviews for #7 before buying it and a good thing I did.

    • Yeah dude I got rid of Detective round #6 as well, it’s just plain simple pants (not trouser, but underwear)!

  3. I noticed that too…and What happened to Charlotte Rivers… ..Bruce got her to the boat???? and No lead up to next months Nite of Owls????? I feel like this was just a a spacer…just like something to put out this month so they can work on The Nite of Owls event…..I will give this title till next month…if its still garbage Ill drop it…..

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