DEMO VOL 2 #5 (OF 6)

Review by: akamuu

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Written by BRIAN WOOD
Art and cover by BECKY CLOONAN

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

My main problem with the Demo series is trying to decide whether it’s making me a bigger fan of Becky Cloonan or Brian Wood.  Each issue of this volume outdoes the last.  And this story, the story of a lesbian “modern yuppie bitch” with a time portal is fatnastic.  While her last issue felt very Paul Popey, Cloonan seems to be channeling Jeff Smith’s RASL here.  I’m not saying she’s being derivative, I’m just impressed at her ability to draw five issues that all look great, but each look like they were pencilled by different artists.

Wood also does a good job capturing the vastly different voices of his protagonists.  I love Garth Ennis, but while Battlefields and The Boys are two different genres of comics, they both feel unistakably like “a war comic by the writer of Preacher” and “a superhero comic by the writer of Preacher”.  I find this is true of a lot of writers in comics, even those I count as my favorites.  Like Cloonan, Wood has used this series to show his ability to tell varying stories with diverse protagonists.  I’m sad that we’re nearing the end of this volume, and hope these two creators put out a third volume sometime soon.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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