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You know that feeling when you’ve been fooled into getting a comic by an overly excited review?  You get about a quarter of the way in and you realize, “god dammit.  There’s ten minutes I’ll never get back!”  That’s the case with this book.  The art is sub par and the story is even worse.  Apparently, this is yet another story about a vigilante.  Now I know that this concept is new to the comic scene because obviously it’s never been done before.  I can’t stand an old idea rehashed again and again.  This comic is terrible and I would recommend to the few people that read this review or have any interest, whatsoever, in getting this book to steer clear!!! You’ve been warned.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. gosh, i didn’t think it was *that* bad

  2. But, are you going to buy the next one?:)

  3. Ya, it didn’t exactly blow me away. Punisher with a religious angle? Maybe. However if done properly some of the ideas in this book can be expanded into something nice. I think the American comic industry is much like our political system; we get to pick the terd that stinks the least. I agree with this guys assesment; nothing inovative happening here.

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