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I’m really enjoying Deadpool right now. Yeah he’s getting insanely
overexposed and the second ongoing series isn’t going to do anything to
dissuade that, but they’re using him correctly and that goes a long way
to making each issue worth while.

I am not in love with the fact that
Frank is only doing a cursory look at the facts of this storyline.
Frank’s tedious attention to detail is one of the reasons he’s able to
survive in the field, well that and the fact he’s insanely popular as a
character. But I’m just saying, if DD vouches for him, Frank would at
least look into it to see if the claim had any merit.

Spidey at the end
wouldn’t. He’d be all interior moral compass and beat up Wade on pure

 I really love that Outlaw is in this book. She was a
supporting character that I always wanted to see more of.


art is really good for this series. It shows the action in a clear
manner, and it knows how to visually tell a joke. I loved the face when
the dad threatened to bring his political force on Wade. It’s violent
but not too realistically graphic. The head splatter at the end of this
issue was nice.

The only real problem I had was that there was a jump
between the end of last issue and the beginning of this one. I know
that Frank was incapacitated and DD probably helped Wade to get out of
there, but a little bit of in story dialogue saying so wouldn’t have
been out of place.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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