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Writer: Ian Brill & Tad Stones
Artist: James Silvani & Sabrina Alberghetti

Size: pages
Price: 4.99

I love a good comics annual. 
As a comic book tradition it may not be as celebrated or as significant
as it once was but I still look forward to them.  An over-sized celebration of a character,
series or even a specific storyline that promises more bang for the buck than
standard, scheduled monthly issues. 
While the tradition may have dissipated for everyone else I was excited
to hear that BOOM! Studios would be giving the terror that flaps in the night
his own Annual.  As a series Darkwing Duck has been jam packed with
historical and technical comic industry references so an Annual makes perfect
sense.  And because after nine standard
issues I know that BOOM! and the creators behind DW’s return will not leave
anyone disappointed.

Speaking of creators the first Annual-style surprise is the
return of Darkwing Duck’s creator – Tad Stones! 
Stones did a special cover for the Annual as well as write the back-up
story along with series artist James Silvani. 
Stones also composed a letter for this Annual where he tells the story
of Darkwing Duck’s origins including early drafts and concepts, all the way
through to his dramatic and triumphant return to comics.  It’s a real treat to have Stone return as a
creative force and as a voice for Darkwing’s early development.

The primary feature is a story written by series regular Ian
Brill with art by Sebrina Alberghetti. 
Alberghetti’s artwork is very fitting to the world of Darkwing and the
fun, Disney Afternoon vibe the series maintains so well.  Readers have been spoiled to have such a
phenomenal regular artist in Silvani but Alberghetti’s talents make the
transition for this Annual an easy one. 
After all, it is an Annual and this is the time to shake things up.  The story centers on Quarkerjack, the
Joker-like nemesis of Darkwing Duck.  The
comparisons are taken to an additional level of awesome with the Annual’s
primary cover that pays homage to Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s Batman: The Killing Joke.  The story is entertaining and stands all on
its own as a self contained story that is perfect for new readers or returning
fans.  Don’t feel left out however if
you’ve been reading the series to this point as there’s plenty there to let you
know that this is not a meaningless one-off story.  Brill continues to do right by the Annual
standard by crafting a story that will be enjoyed by current and new fans

The back-up story written by Tad Stones, as previously
mentioned, features an all-new villain (to the best of my knowledge) and
Gosalyn.  Gosalyn has perhaps been the
biggest surprise for me personally since Darkwing and his supporting cast
returned in comic form.  As a kid,
watching the cartoon show, I always hated Gosalyn.  Whenever she and her pal Honker showed up it
drove me nuts.  Don’t ask me why, it just
did.  I couldn’t stand her.  I also didn’t like Sam from Clarissa Explains It All but that’s a
rant for another day.  However, since
this series has begun I’ve developed a newfound appreciation for Gosalyn not
only as a character but especially for the role she plays in the
superhero/comic book tributes the comic routinely displays so well.  She’s another comic book archetype used to
perfect in this series.

Additionally seeing a new villain, especially one created by
Darkwing Duck creator Tad Stones, gave Chronoduck that special extra
something.  It certainly provided the
character as well as the story with more significance.  Combine that with the artwork of series
regular Silvani and it easily stands with, if not above, the main feature.

Darkwing Duck’s first Annual gets everything right.  Two exciting stories featuring Darkwing that
are both entertaining and enjoyable for new and old readers alike while taking
full advantage of the return of creator Tad Stones with an original comic story,
all-new villain and a fantastic story of the creation and development of the
character of Darkwing Duck.  Darkwing
Duck is the terror that flaps in the night and Darkwing Duck Annual #1 is the comic that needs to be in your

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Thanks for the review. I have not been reading this comic, but was going to pick up the issue. Now I’m sure I will. I just hope the comic stores I go to have it as it was not on my pull list.

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