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I know that Way is trying to make it seem like Daken is a master
manipulator in this book, but it is coming off more as lucky than his
actual plans.

For as much as he’s able to play Logan in the regular
books, he just doesn’t seem to have enough of a grasp on the other
characters in the universe to put them in positions to benefit him. He
seems to take worse hits than a well organized  manipulator would.

Compare him to Mr. Sinister. How many actual fights did Essex actually
get into?

 Putting himself out there in the public was a dumb move and
made from a petulant child’s stand point. We’re supposed to believe
he’s 60 or so years old, but acts like a teenager?

The art was okay but
every thing that went his way seemed way too convenient for me.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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