Review by: mrmister

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

Before getting into the story I just want to start by saying that Jae
Lee’s artwork on these two mini-series has been nothing short of
spectacular. Not only is it down right gorgeous to look at, but it
perfectly captures the tone of the scene on every single panel. The
finale of The Long Road Home was an excellent issue that not only
provided a satisfying conclusion to this arc, but also set up the next
story arc too. The “confrontation” between Roland and the Crimson King
was very well done and fairly short lived, but considering fans now
know these stories are going to continue for sometime I don’t see how
anybody reasonably expected a huge showdown. After this the issue
doesn’t let up and there are some surprises along the way as well as
the unique tone and voice that Peter David has crafted for these books;
in merely 12 issues he and the rest of the people working on this book
have brought Stephen King’s world to life in comic form. To heep more
praise on this book I’d like to elaborate slightly on something I
mentioned earlier about this issue setting up the next story arc. Often
at the end of a story arc the author will provide a panel or two to
tease about what is upcoming or in worst case scenarios nothing at all,
but this issue spends a good portion of time delving into something
that will obviously be explored much deeper in the upcoming story and I
personally enjoyed that very much. For one, it helps to reinforce the
fact that this story we as readers are a part of is connected and quite
epic in scale. Epic indeed.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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