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I must admit that I was ready to give up on this series after the last issue. After two very great runs by two very gifted writers I am starting to suffer depression from Daredevils depression. I understand that Matt has the world on his shoulder but its been over five years of storyline and enough is enough. Also, do people realize that he is the most no reaction hero in Marvel. Over the years he has known who was coming after him and did nonthing. A gunmen can walk right into his apartment, tell him hes going to shoot him and Daredevil will still be shock that it happen. Be more like Spiderman

 It seems that the writer Andy Diggle seems to share my opinion on daredevil and we now see him taking a more proactive roll in his own comic. He’s back going out on patrol and going after the people he sees as a threat to Hell kitchen. He no longer cries to himself in noir style dialogue boxes. Now Daredevil has a mission, he has a purpose, he has an army of undead ninja to follow him into battle and now for the first time in years I cant wait for daredevil next month.. .

Story: 4 - Very Good
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