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I think I can safely say that Criminal is the one and only book
whose individual issues I actually look forward to buying. It’s not
just because there is not a single ad in the whole issue, or all the
extra essays and tid bits you get on the end pages. It’s the one and
only book whose individual issues never fail to deliver excellence.

The issue starts with a little delving into Herr – I mean Officer
Starr and why he has always carried a personal vendetta for Jacob, even
after the son of a bitch was proven innocent of his wife’s murder. Cut
to Jake and Frank trying to make sense of a mess they thought was
already cleaned up, resulting in one last clash between Jake, Starr,
and…Frank? It all spirals downward for everyone involved until it
crescendos into the final crash, when Bad Night’s final bang is
complimented by a lonely, lonely whimper.

What can I possibly say about Ed Brubaker that I haven’t already?
The man is a goddamn genius, especially when he gets to write this
labor of love. What I believed was going to be a simple wrap-up of this
current arc turned out to be just as explosive and wild as the rest of
Bad Night, if not more so. Brubaker manages to further flesh out Jacob
Kurtz, a character who already has depth to spare, and reveals a part
of him that was all too obvious but does so in a way that still got me
good. This whole issue got me good, really; the action and suspense
kept its grip on me right up to the final crash.

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but goddamn is Sean Phillips
good. His penciling isn’t even half of the reason why he’s so great,
either. The way this guy colors this book is downright spellbinding.
Who would think that a genre that was born and raised in black and
white could be so bold and colorful? It’s like a goddamn rainbow of

Criminal #7 gets five out of goddamn five. ‘The hell out, Miller, the Goddamn Brubaker is the king of comic noir!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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