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I’ll admit, I was excited when I got this magazine. It made me feel like a cool kid cause I am buying an import, I got excited because I would get a glimpse of the UK underground comics scene, and get the first issue of Kick-Ass!


Well it turns out that this magazine is just a mixture of Wizard and Maxim at it’s douche baggiest. The content is awful and unoriginal. Example: “Weirdest things people yell out during sex” …. who gives a shit.

As for the comics, there is only a preview of Kick-Ass (only 6 pages), two issues by UK celebrities (not actual seasoned writers, but rather a comedian and a host), the first issue of Nemesis (Thank you and Fuck you, but I already bought this months ago), and tons of garbage.

One of the articles has the “hottest mums”. Again … who cares, and no offense to the ladies in the pictures, but some of them were average at best … I run into hotter women at Wholefoods supermarket.

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  1. spot fucking on mate. i JUST finished reading it and had the same reaction.

  2. ha. that’s an awesome review

  3. "I run into hotter women at Wholefoods supermarket."

     Ahhhh you sir just made my day.

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