CHEW #13

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art & cover ROB GUILLORY

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

What can be said about Chew at this point that
hasn’t already been said by anyone with half a working brain? This is easily
still one of the best comics to hit the stands; it’s hard to believe this
series has been out for over a year! How did we survive before superstar duo
John Layman and Rob Guillory teamed up to create the comic about cop Cibopath
Tony Chu, his now-cyborg partner and a host of supporting characters that are
literally the best creations to emerge out of comics in years.

Wait, wait, wait! What’s a Cibopath? Tony Chu
can take a bite of anything and get an idea of what it’s made from, where it’s
been and what’s been near it… as you can imagine the series so far has taken
this idea into some rather disgusting, and often cannibalistic, turn of events
for our protagonist.

The “Just Desserts” arc is halfway done and
introducing something that could potentially top all previous entries into the category
of “most fucked up” ideas Layman has worked into Chew so far. Here’s introducing
“Fricken”, I won’t spoil it for you, but suffice to say Layman definitely has
some serious issues… hopefully he doesn’t see a doctor about them, cause Chew
is only getting better and better. 

Chew’s greatest strength is that it is
constantly funny but not at the expense of story, at no point in the last 13
months has the book had an off issue. This issue is no different, it’s
hilarious, starting with the pulp fiction references on page one and then as we
rollercoaster through to the conclusion it will have you laughing, cringing and
every emotion in-between… one things for sure, a smile will be plastered on
your face from the off.

Guillory’s art is a match made in heaven for
the story. His pencils bring the fluidity of an animated cartoon with detail
you wouldn’t think is achievable. The facial expressions are where the book
signs its genius; they create the charm Chew has become known for. They convey
so much in the various ridicules over-the-top scenarios that you can’t help but
instantly fall in love with his style.

Chew gets a lot of praise, because quite
frankly, it deserves it. It has style, swagger and depth without sacrificing humour
and fun. The ideas are always big, the scenarios always incomprehensively
silly, the execution from Layman and Guillory is always nothing less then

-Josh “origami kid”

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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