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art & cover SHAKY KANE

Size: 32 pages
Price: 3.99

Bulletproof Coffin #1

I have no idea why I added this one to my pull list this week, but something about it just looked and/or sounded cool. When I got to the store and saw it was $3.99, I was a bit reticent to purchase, but took the plunge anyway. Am I happy I did? I think so, yes. That’s just the thing with this book: “I think so”.

First and foremost, the art style sets this book apart from any other book I saw on the shelves this week. It reminds me of the Beavis and Butt-head cartoons that my mother never let me watch when I was younger (I am probably alone on that). Though I never became a fan of the show, I found myself captivated by the artwork of Shaky Kane. The best aspect? The colors. They are pale for one part of the book, using as few colors as possible to set the scene, and then when the “comic-inside-a-comic” portion begins, the colors turn rich, and demand the reader’s attention. It was truly fantastic work. I would have loved for there to be even more of the inner comic coloring done throughout because it was so striking. Either way, the artwork here is catching.

The story told in issue #1 has left me wanting more. The series can really go in just about any direction at this point, but I am hoping that it steers itself into one that is entertaining. As I mentioned, there is a comic-inside-a-comic in The Bulletproof Coffin #1. This comic – entitled “The Unforgiving Eye #198 – is a great short story by itself. It contained adult themes, and was fun to read. I am left wondering if that story will be progressed at all as Bulletproof continues it’s run.

The main story, however, is about a man names Steve Newman. His job is to clear out the homes of the recently deceased and dump the trash in a landfill. The night before these clean-ups, however, he raids the houses to get any items he may want for his personal collection. The reader is also introduced to his family, who he seemingly has no interest in, and the attic where Steve spends most of his free time. I don’t want to give away anything, so I will stop there. It’s an intriguing story, but there is little development done on anyone except Steven, and even that leaves something to be desired.

The Bulletproof Coffin #1 is a good start-up issue with artwork that I probably enjoyed a bit too much. Anyone thinking about picking this one up should give a quick scan through the first couple pages; if they like the art anywhere near as much as me then they might want to give it a try. This one would be easier to recommend if it was even $1 less than the $4 asking price, but as it stands, I still give it the nod. Not the best book out this week, but the mini-comic inside is worth the read.

Quickie Review: If you have a few extra dollars, BUY IT.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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