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            This is the
worst issue of Buffy yet. If I had said that last year it wouldn’t have garnered
much attention. But the last several issues have been increasingly bad. To call
this the worst issue of Buffy yet is like saying “This is the worst gas station
hot dog I’ve ever had.” A statement like that carries weight.

            I can’t
even begin to approach knowing where to start so let’s just begin with the
writing. This is a war comic now and it feels less like war and more like a
bunch of people shouting things they overheard while playing Call of Duty. Gone
is the strategic side of Buffy and Xander and they are replaced by cardboard cutout
who only vaguely resemble them.

brings us to the art. The art is just not as dynamic as it used to be. Here we
have three giant goddesses running amuck and trashing god knows how many troops
and slayers in their wake and I never got a sense of how epic this battle
really is. This is like watching a bootleg of Reign of Fire. Sure you can tell what’s
happening, but you never get a sense of how fucking cool it is that tanks are
being picked up and crushed by giant purple women.

            Last year
at this time Buffy Season 8 was in my top five books. Now I’m only buying it to
see where it goes. Truth be told if the last page* hadn’t had that “um,…what?”
moment, I probably wouldn’t be pulling this next month. All in all this book is
lucky it hasn’t made the jump to $3.99.

            Maybe Joss
Whedon should spend less time making jokes about buying the Terminator
franchise and more time acting as a producer for his most beloved creation.

*The last page is the entire reason this book got a 3 instead of a 2 overall. It wasn’t near enough to make the book cool but it dragged it up from being awful.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average


  1. I too have been really saddened by the way this storyline has gone so downhill, but I keep telling myself it’s just that I don’t like the story itself and maybe when this stuff gets resolved and things get back to the status quo powers-wise, I will be happy with all of it in retrospect.

    At least we got to see Oz and Riley.

  2. See i like the story on paper, like the pitch for this arc sounds awesome, but it all just feels like it’s not as big and important as it should be. like this should feel like we’re at war and it feels more like a fight between two rival gangs

  3. I wouldn’t agree this was the worst issue ever — that was that goddamn vampire celebrity issue — but it was decidedly mediocre. I am definitely dropping this title now.

  4. @conor  that one was close but the art for that was leaps and bounds better. This one had bad writing and bad art to boot putting it over the top. Jeanty used to be so good at drawing the characters well and its like he just slipped or forgot to bring that part of his brain to the drawing board

  5. I really enjoyed this issue….. So Buffy has that going for her, which is nice!

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