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  1. Could you review this in thug speak?

    You sound more intelligent that way.

  2. Hmmm, something wrong with you if you understand things better that way, can happen though, you should go back to school and get some special education or something to reverse that, because it’s usually the other way around, you know?  Maybe if I talk ebonics to you, you’ll understand better too?  That’s too bad.

    Leave my boards alone, Kirk, you sound like a frikin idiot, trust me….I’m a doctor.  HAHHAHA!

  3. Just love your code-switching is all.

    You didn’t do it though . . .

    But I also enjoy how you are always making yourself laugh.

  4. You must have a Wernicke’s aphasia or an alexia, LEAVE MY BOARDS ALONE. 

    Like you know anything about intelligence anyways, please stop trying to convince me otherwise.

    You’re just an asshole, Captain Kirk, that’s my professional diagnosis, no treatment, just live with it, sorry.

  5. What about the hippocratic oath . . .

  6. Ok, I’m convinced, you’re one of those incessantly annoying and obnoxious people who doesn’t know when to stop, sad, so sad.  I know you’re just fine with your diagnosis, don’t worry about it.

  7. Naw, Franktiger, I’m just fucking with you.

    I was just hoping to get a "punk boy" comment or two out of you.

    I am consistently fascinated by vernacular and how it fashions online image and mystique.

    The thug mode you have a tendency to enter and the laughable thug talk you use is suspect.  

    The two don’t gell.

    In other words, you are a clown for my amusement.

    But this is counterproductive. I knew that before I submitted the first comment.

    My intention is to provide more feedback for user reviews and increase the dialogue about the actual books. 

    I’m not gonna tease you anymore.

    Well, I might, if you deserve it.

  8. hahahhaha, oh ok Captain Kirk, how pathetic, I’m sorry I ever responded, I know it was exactly what you were looking for.

    Please get a life, this is a comic book board, you allow way too much weight unto this dialogue, it is quite comical, believe me, so couldn’t care less about your ‘intentions,’ just do me a favor and find something better to do with your time than ‘teasing’ me llke a little high school girl, hahaha, idiot.

    Oh, did I hurt your feelings?  You gonna make some clever response and try to insult me to make you feel better, boohoo, don’t cry Kirk Jeppson, you’ll die a loser I know, but at least you got to be amused by me on a comic book board, hahaahha, stupid.

  9. I only read the first few issues of Streets of Gotham. I remember digging on Dini’s characterization of the Broker.

    It is good to hear that Bruce seems to be changed by the experience after Final Crisis. I like when characters, even long established ones, aren’t static.

    I’m hoping to read most of this stuff in some large collected edition.

    Thanks for the review.

  10. That’s more like it, what’s with the punk boy crap?  Shit ain’t cool dude, really.

    Liked the concept of the Broker as well, especially this one quote from him of which was the theme of Sts of Gotham #4: 
    "And that’s the formula for doing business in Gotham. You give, you take…you bend, and you bleed."

    He thought this to himself moments after he was roughed up a little by a Dick Grayson Batman, which was interesting to see, because it showed Dick hadn’t abandoned Bruce’s age-old method of using a little bit of brutality in order to intimidate some of the villains in Gotham.

  11. I can be an asshole for sure.

    Dini is the man. Would still be reading Streets of Gotham and Gotham City Sirens if he was writing them all the time. Good quote too.

    Thanks for the "punk boy!"


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