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By Jim Starlin

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

I was looking forward to Breed, and after reading I think Jim Starlin can still draw hs ass off. But Wow, was this story bad. The storyline conitnues right where Breed 2 left off 15 years ago. Breed is a half-human half-demon guy who can change his appearance between the 2. This story which seems to have been written right after Breed 2, then when pulled out of mothballs this year had tons of crappy exposition added to fill in the history of the series is bad. I’ll admit I couldn’t finish the book, lost interest about half way through, but plan on giving the book a chance (I already ordered the next 2 issues) so see if the story gets better. I did look at all the pictures and think Starlin hasn’t lst his touch for conveying emotion / intent through still pictures.
If your not a Breed or 90’s bad comics fan, I’d recommend not getting this.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. i was a Breed fan from back in the day along with the Nocturnals, but his font choice and colorization. well let’s just say it, it looks very dated, i actually thought it was republishing of his old stuff. but as i read it, i realized he hasn’t moved on from the 90’s. what he should do now is pick a new colorist and give it a darker look. for a book of it’s magnitude, it comes off as way to bright and poppy. it is so colorful that my 6yr old daughter picked and up and wanted to read it. add more grey, and also a new title font. all he really has is a first glance in order to draw in a new reader, and i have seen people look at the cover and look away because of his color choices. if you read this, as a fan i ask you to take this as a positive comment, i am just offering my advice as an comic book artist and a graphic designer.  

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