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you want pure fun? this comic delivers.

i’m not a brave and the bold reader, but i was suckered in by the team-up (superman and catwoman) and the cover, and i wasn’t disappointed. the story is simple, but very entertaining, with superman being forced to deal with the sorta-good, sorta-bad catwoman, PG sexual advances and all. it’s a fun juxtaposition from her interactions with batman, and i felt like this sort of thing should have already been done (maybe it has), and that since it was a bit predictable, i shouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as i did.

but i DID enjoy it, because there are tons of little character moments that shine here. superman and catwoman have fun with each other, partially because superman is never totally overwhelmed by her, despite her assertiveness. similarly, superman has a great moment with commissioner gordon early in the book. despite the predictable story, it’s got lots of good crunchy bits decorating it to make it fun.

and the art helps too. i shave a point off for the slightly odd, washed out colors, which i didn’t really love. look at superman’s hair – it’s essentially gray! but beyond this the art is great; kollins draws a really good superman with an expressive face. the panel where superman flies catwoman and others away from an explosion was truly a wonderful sight. loved looking at this.

just too fun to pass up – highly recommended.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I was pretty impressed when I found out that Supes and Catwoman found each other on

  2. and i always assumed that the girls there who looked like catwoman were fake…

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