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One of my coworkers opened this up today, and flipped through it.  He then threw it down in disgust and yelled “Where are the tits and blowjobs?  Where did they go?”

Well, unfortunately for him, and fortunately for fans of Boys, the excess of the first 1 1/2 issues of Herogasm have been overshadowed by, well, plot.  Ennis set out to tell a side story that was important to the overall throughline of Boys.  And, yes, it takes place at a retreat where the Supes are having a massive orgy, so, ok, there was a LOT of nudity and sex to set the scene in issue one.  But that wasn’t the point, it was the setting.  And, once established, the story emerged.

It’s a good story that I recommend to anyone who likes stories that center on the undoing of superheroes.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good

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