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A book that gets no recognition, yet still manages to captivate me every month.

Jurgens pulls out the stops this month to wrap up his current “Bat-arc” while managing to make Booster a character we all care about. He admits to the current Batman why he does why he does and makes no apologies for playing the fool. He also manages to give Dick Grayson one last gift that makes for a touching ending.

The Blue Beetle co-feature once again manages to cast doubt as to who the Black Beetle really is. It puts Jaime in situation where he has look within himself and come to the realization that he is who he is no matter what anyone tries to put in his head.

This is a book that should really get more attention. Whether it’s the beautiful art and story by Dan Jurgens that reminds us of a better time in comics, or the adventures of the new Blue Beetle, Booster Gold seems to be playing the fool even in the world of comic sales.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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