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This was a pretty solid done-in-one issue that had me wishing that Keith Giffen would permanently work with Dan Jurgens as co-writer of Booster Gold. Ultimately, the story wasn’t the greatest but it did have something that has been lacking from the book since Johns and Katz left all those months ago: humour. The witty dialogue came fast and furious in this one, spotlighting exactly how humour is such an essential ingredient in a good Booster Gold comic. I’ve enjoyed Jurgens’ run so far but his apparent inability to bring the funny has stopped it from becoming anywhere near as good as those original dozen (or so) issues.

As for the art, however stiff Jurgens’ art sometimes is, I’ve loved his work on Booster Gold – certainly more than his writing. The problem is though that he only drew the opening and closing scenes of the issue (without even th eultra-complamentary inks of Norfm Rapmund) and the rest of the comic, drawn by Pat Ollif, was notably weaker. Oliff is a solid enough artist but I did find his work in this issue to be very underwhelming.    

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average

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