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I’m sad to say this will be my last issue of Booster Gold for a while.  I’m disappointed that Jurgens has managed to almost take Booster a step back since what Johns has done with the character.  I guess he’s writing Booster as he knows him and not what I feel he’s become in the last couple years.

I thought Johns had finally gotten him past the point of talking about Action Figures and sponsors, sadly Jurgens seems to write Booster as if nothing has happened in the last few years.  The character seems “off” with what he’s become.

I do have to say this Jurgens’s artwork is once again fantastic in this issue.  I wish that Johns, Dixon, or Remender was still writing and Jurgens was doing the art.  I really like his style and it reminds me of my childhood.

I think if Jurgens freshened up his dialogue making it deeper this book would be a lot better.  This issue felt like it had too many speech bubbles with a few words in them.  Also remembering the fact that he’s been working on a book where we’ve been trying to fix Booster Gold and make him a better hero.  I know that with Rip gone he’s a little out of his element and on his own, but he shouldn’t revert back to his old self at this point.

I hold out hope that a better writer comes back to Booster Gold.  I really enjoy the character, but I have to go.  I’ve been burned too often in the past for buying a book just because I don’t want to stop getting it in fear it will stop being made.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good

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