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Once again, Bomb Queen makes me laugh and cringe.

As I was explaining to my wife after we got home from the comic shop : I can always count on Bomb Queen every month to be nothing short of 20+ pages of pure unadulterated wrong.

If you’ve never read Bomb Queen before and have even a hint of a dark sense of humor, then you have no idea what you are missing.  I equate this comic to many offensive stand-up comedians.  A comedian who offends one group of people can be viewed as prejudiced, but someone who offends everyone (even his own) can be hilarious.  And by the way, the May Not Be Suitable For All Ages banner on the back is wrong.  This is DEFINITELY not for all ages, without a doubt.

This comic does not just poke fun at the superhero genre and comic culture (as well as most pop culture) in general, it downright stabs, slashes, and blasts fun at it.  I would highly recommend picking up the trades of the past volumes (1-4).  Don’t get me wrong, there will be multiple times where you look at an image that is just so wrong and disturbing that you’ll want to put the book down but there are so many more instances where you will laugh your a$$ off and feel bad for laughing afterward.

This issue does not disappoint as it continues the Queens clash with the nearby goody-goody town of Littleville.  We also get a great cutaway image of the T.I.T. (Tactical Information Turret) aka Queen’s HQ.  This image also evokes memories of the Family Circus (creepy in this context) comics where one of the kids would walk around town and you would see their progress marked by arrows.  Also included is the usual Bomb Queen treats : plenty of cheesecake art, Image comics cameos, more background easter eggs than you can read in one sitting, and language that would make a biker blush.

All in all, Bomb Queen is greatly enjoyable and I can say that every one of my friends that I’ve turned on to it have become fans of the best villain based comic on the market.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Good review.  Maybe I’m evil, but I never find it offensive…it is like a Chris Rock skit, it is too funny and entertaining and over the top to get mad about.  If you like Sarah Silverman, South Park, and Super Heroes, you should check this book out.

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